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Periodic Table of the Engineering Elements

No Comments 22 June 2017

This infographic from the guys at Fish4Parts has transformed the periodic table as we know it into a fantastically useful resource for those of us interested in engineering. From ball bearings and bumpers, to sprockets and dampers, you’ll find everything here, all very neatly organised as it should be.

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Fiction’s Best Ever Engineers

No Comments 02 January 2017

Whether they are designing watches with hidden lasers, saving the world from Daleks, or beaming people up, these are the Fish4Parts picks for the top fictional engineers. Check out star ratings for fictional engineers such as B’elanna Torres from Star Trek Voyager, the doctor from DR Who and Tony Stark from Iron Man in several […]

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The World’s Most Costly Engineering Mistakes

No Comments 21 April 2015

Engineering mistakes know no bounds when it comes to the scale or importance of a project, as the disasters in Grassform‘s latest infographic show. Amongst the examples we find mighty ships have sunk, tankers have exploded, and seemingly sturdy constructions have literally fallen to pieces! The one thing they all have in common is their high […]

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