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The Logistics of Building and Operating the Millennium Falcon

No Comments 12 January 2016

Inspired by the latest Star Wars outing, Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the creative team at the UK’s leading logbook loan provider Varooma have put together a fantastic infographic taking an in-depth look at the logistics of constructing, equipping and operating the infamous Millennium Falcon should a life-sized working version be built today. Their costings, while surprising, […]

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An Infographic About Architectural Blunders

No Comments 20 October 2015

If you’re a budding architect, then you’ll enjoy this infographic from the San Diego based university NewSchool of Architecture and Design offering information about some of the most iconic architectural failures of all time. Learn about the collapse of the Ancient Rome’s Fidenae Amphitheatre, the destruction of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and many more. Via – […]

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