Featured Designers

The following collection of design agencies and freelancers have met our extremely high standards and have earned our ‘Featured Designer’ badge, which you can see to the left.

Earning the title of Featured Designer isn’t easy – you can’t buy, beg, bribe or bullshit your way to the badge, although we welcome requests to review your work if you’d like to be considered for Featured Designer status.

We don’t just pick good designers either. The following companies have all demonstrated excellent customer service, the ability to hit deadlines, competitive pricing models and innovation in their field, as well as producing high-quality, professional infographics. We’ve included designers that produce static, animated and interactive infographics, so whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it in this list, which is updated whenever a new company is added. If you decide to get in touch with any of the designers below, please let them know that you found them on our Featured Designers section and they may even give you a discount*.

* Discounts are purely at the discretion of the agency or freelancer you get in touch with.

Designbysoap Ltd
We’ve followed this agency for some time now and they have constantly impressed us with the quality of their work, as well as their extremely competitive pricing and excellent customer service. We would have no hesitation in describing Designbysoap Ltd as the top infographic agency in the United Kingdom and a fantastic choice for any UK-based company looking for bespoke, high-quality infographics.
Clients include: AOL, Yahoo, Orange, O2, Ford, Nissan, Halifax, Yoast, European Commission, RSPB, NHS, PayPal, Experian, HouseTrip, Vistaprint, ARM, Kingsmill, Argos, MoneySupermarket, Total Jobs, BAA, Microsoft, MyDestination, Blinkbox, MTV and numerous others.

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